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Patented Adjustable Hub Defenders

Originally developed by Spacertech for the heavy hauling and earth moving industry in Australia, adjustable Hub Defenders made it all the way over here to the U.S.A. to be covered by US Patent No. 6,312,162.

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Are you worried about bearing failure? Our adjustable Hub Defenders will increase the bearing life, lower temperature and reduce maintenance. Properly set hub bearings reduce toe which improves tire life and fuel economy.

  • Reduces Friction

  • Increases Fuel Economy

  • Increases Bearing Life

  • Reduces Tire Wear

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We have Hub Defenders for all sizes of Class 8 trucks, trailers, enclosed RV, & utility trailers. Call us today with your application and download the form below for custom bearing spacers.

Hub set up tools & Equipment

“A good tool saves time, reduces headache and gives you a better-finished product.” 

That is exactly what our hub set-up tools accomplish.  You can quickly check any hub to see if it’s intolerance or needs to be serviced.  Easy to use by most any technician. 

  • Checks Hub End Play
  • Checks Hub Run-Out
  • Allows For Quick Bearing Spacer Adjustment
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