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High Performance Wheel End Components
Patented Adjustable Hub Defenders
Hub Set-Up Tools
How DRP Can Help Maximize Your Trucks Performance
  • Reduce bearing drag caused by bearing preload

Bearing preload causes tremendous drag on your hubs, robbing your truck of horsepower and fuel economy.

  • Reduce tire drag & wear

Bearing end play fixes the preload problems, but causes steering instability and tire scrub, increasing tire wear and drag. Our patented adjustable Hub Defenders allow you to set your hub bearings to the perfect balance of zero preload and .001" end play.

  • Reduce maintenance costs caused by bearing failure

Bearing preload and excessive end play causes bearing and seal failures. Our patented adjustable Hub Defenders and high performance bearing kits run cooler and lessen maintenance.​

  • Deliver you valuable data

We don't assume or guess, we test and measure. Our expertise in building custom test equipment and data acquisition can deliver you the data needed to make better decisions.

  • Save you money with rebuilt hubs vs. replacement

Many of the "pre-set" hub options available require complete replacement of the hub assembly. DRP patented adjustable Hub Defenders and set up tools allow you to rebuild hubs to a higher tolerance than when they were new! Save money and increase performance. ​

Hub Drag Test Chart.PNG

Data Driven!

We invest tremendous time and resources to test components in a laboratory setting, simulating real-world conditions as much as possible. Controlled environment testing allows direct monitoring and measurement of individual components, eliminating variables. While lab testing is great for precise measurements, real-world testing is important to validate the data. We utilize our advanced data and acquisition systems to record hub temperature, hub RPM, and even hub play while on the road!

No assumptions, no guesswork

Patented adjustable Hub Defenders

Adjustable bearing spacer technology has been tested and proven in markets from heavy hauling and earth moving in Australia to NASCAR® here in the U.S.A. for over 15 years. 

Developed by Spacertech in Australia and covered by US Patent No. 6,312,162 adjustable bearing spacers are simple and effective ways to turn any hub assembly into an efficient, high performance unit!

  • Precisely Sets Bearing End Play

  • Eliminates Bearing Spin

  • Up to 4x Bearing Life

  • Lower Bearing Temperatures

  • Lowers Maintenance

  • Lower Hub Drag

  • Heavy Duty Billet Steel Design

  • Precision Machined

  • Reusable

truck spacer 2.jpg

Available for almost any application:

  • Heavy Duty Steer, Drive, and Trailer Axles

  • Utility & Boat Trailers

  • Camping & Car Trailers

  • RV's & Busses

  • Automotive

  • Motorsports

Truck Spacer.jpg

HUb set up tools & equipment

We build toolsets for steer, drive, and trailer hubs to precisely set bearing end play. Our hub set up tools and adjustable bearing spacers allow you to take any hub and build a high performance, low drag hub assembly quickly and accurately.

truck tool dial.jpg
hub tool.jpg
Bearing Spacer Test Chart.PNG
Coast Down Test Graph.JPG
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Our Purpose

Our work is temporal, but our purpose is eternal. Every product sold supports our mission to share God's Word with the world. Every package shipped includes a copy of the Gospel of John. DRP has sent hundreds of thousands of Gospels all over the world.

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Committed to Quality, Dedicated to Service
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